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How I Balance My Family, Job & Daily Stresses

I have a full time job and family responsibilities in addition to being an author.

Doing all of these tasks sometimes makes me very stressed and anxious.  Here are a few techniques I use to take care of my family and career without getting too stressed.

The first thing I do is to set goals for myself when I manage my family and career. Each day, I try to establish some goals for me to accomplish.  When I went to work the other day, I made it a goal to finish my report on time.  At the end of the day, I felt better about myself knowing that I was able to finish my report.  I then went home and made it my goal to clean the house.  Again, I felt good about myself.  When you accomplish these daily goals, you will feel happier, more confident, and less stressed.

I always try tp delegate part of my responsibilities.  If I know I will be coming home late because of my job, I will try to get my family members to take care of some of the tasks.  If I am at work, I will ask a member of my team to help out if I get overwhelmed.  The key is not to try to do everything all at once and work with other people instead of doing everything  yourself.

I always try to do things in terms of their importance.  Let’s say that I have to clean the living room, go to the supermarket, and wash the dishes.  I determined that going to the supermarket is the most important task and should be done first.  When I am done grocery shopping, I then determiine the next important task and do that.  I always try to figure out what needs done right away and do my tasks in order of importance.

I also try to plan ahead when I know I will have a busy week.  Always determine what needs done right away and what can be done later on. Make it a habit to talk to your coworkers and family members to get their input on what needs done.

A lot of people get stressed in dealing with their jobs and families.  If you have trouble talk to a counselor who can give you additional advice on how deal with your anxieties.  The key is do what you can do today and don’t put things off to another day.

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