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Becoming Empowered But Still Being Loving

Discussing the ways in which someone becomes more empowered on the spiritual path while increasing the ability to be loving is a subject of some confusion.

Man offering a heart to a woman.People tend to equate empowerment with toughness, and love with softness.  Can these differing traits co-exist? I realized along the way of my own spiritual journey that a time came when I could no longer be wounded by people, neither in friendship, nor in romance!  This was a revelation.  It needs some explaining because it didn’t mean that I grew hard-hearted, scarred and thick-skinned, cold and rejecting, shielded and self-absorbed.  In fact, the opposite became true because I grew more open, more accepting, more giving, and more at peace within my heart center.  It required a little shift of perspective that needs clarifying.

For this understanding, we need to talk about the soul’s age. The young soul goes after things that serve the lower ego.  These might include self-importance, strong desires, possessiveness, self-centeredness, and a lack of empathy for others.  The older soul goes after goals that aren’t as ego-centric but more humanitarian.  The older soul has an accumulation of wisdom about how life works, especially in regard to relationships, and usually the old soul’s goals aren’t materialistic but those of ways in which service can be rendered to others.

Once an appreciation of the very different value systems of the younger and the older soul are understood and can be perceived, a person can fairly easily evaluate the overall characteristics of the individual with whom they are interacting.  If they are interacting with a lovely old-soul energy, love, sweetness, kindness and acceptance will be shared.  If they are interacting with a younger soul, they may see that there is an energy drain, that the person’s motives are self-serving, and that the person’s direction is towards the accumulation of something seen as important.  It could be a type of power play; it could be an attempt at self-aggrandizement; it could be a fear or anxiety about opening up or being generous.

It’s not an accident that the evolved soul can be described as a radiant heart, for that person doesn’t need to suck energy but has more than enough to pour outwards.

Let’s get back to not being wounded while becoming empowered and loving.  If I see you as a younger soul, I might interact as I would with a kid!  If you are acting consciously or unconsciously towards me in a way that might lead to distress, such as rejection, abandonment, insult, etc., I would chalk that up to your immature soul age.  If you don’t want my love, that might be your problem but it wouldn’t be mine.  A radiant heart can’t be wounded; its shield is the outpouring of love.

So right away, I’m empowered; I’m not leaking energy, I’m radiating light and love.  I’m not needing anything based on the ego-centric lower vibrations because I’m content with my connection to source.  I’m being fed by light.  I have more than enough energy to share, while seeing the younger soul’s behavior as off-putting, amusing or inconsequential to me.  I would then be polite, even helpful, but unaffected.  I might be extra nice (because you would need that), or I might just withdraw.

This is empowerment with the ability to give greater love, and act more kindly.  Empowerment and compassion are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, they are synergistic.  The effort becomes to raise your own vibration and be able to evaluate another’s.  That’s basically it.  Everything else will happen in a completely natural fashion.


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