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Five Quick Tips For Cheering Up Your Workspace

You probably spend more time in your workspace than in any other one single place, unless you get that elusive eight hours of sleep every night.

We all react to our surroundings to some extent. So any time and energy you put into enhancing your workspace will pay off in a better sense of well-being. Here are a few tips to get you started

1: Add some greenery. You may have to find a plant that thrives in low light. But they do exist, so don’t cop out by saying there’s not enough light in my office. Try a Lucky Bamboo Plant, a Snake Plant, or Mother-in Law’s Tongue. I have had good luck with Philodendrons, too.

2: Add some personal smiles. It’s almost impossible not to smile when you are looking at pictures of the people you love, smiling. Next time you are with someone who is important to you, snap a selfie (urban slang: picture of yourself, usually taken by yourself) of you and your buddy smiling. Beloved family members, old friends, new friends, even pets can be included in the gallery of smiles that adorn your office.

If you have just one or two, putting them in small frames on your desk can work. If you have a larger collection, put them into a collage frame or pin them to a bulletin board. If you share your work space with others invite them to add their favorite smile pix, too.  Happiness is contagious.

3: Add some color. Do you work at a gray desk in a gray cubicle? Many of us have been there. What you need is some color. You can pop a few bright, silk flowers into the dish garden on your desk, or maybe a strategically placed flag or banner from your alma mater will do the trick.

4: Add some movement. A flag can do double duty, adding movement as well as color to your space. Will it flutter when the heat or air conditioning comes on? I faked motion with my husband’s large red OSU flag; I used push pins to add ripples to the way the flag waves as it hangs on the wall.

5: Add a laugh. In most of the places I have worked, cartoons cut from magazines or newspapers have found their way to bulletin boards, walls, and even doors. Secured with pushpins, magnets, or tape, these laugh inducers usually spread some gallows humor to those of us all rowing the same boat.

What have you done to personalize and brighten your work space? What happens when you add a special touch to the walls and work surfaces you look at every day?

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