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Birth Order Will Help You Find Your Perfect Match

Are you tired of finding Mr. Right turn into Mr. Wrong?

Spending too many Valentines days eating Haagen Dazs ice cream by yourself? The answer to finding your “love at first sight” is birth order.

Valentines day brings up the question, “Why do I love you?”  Your birth orders may have the answer to this question and explain the attraction to you have for each other.

If you meet someone with your same birth order but the opposite gender, you have found one type of ”love at first sight”. This relationship starts off with a bang as you have met yourself!  It’s like you are looking into a mirror because you are so similar.  The problem is that a mirror can only show one image at a time, if this relationship is to work one person must step away from the mirror.

An easier more lasting “love at first sight” is when you meet someone that is the same birth order as one of your siblings. For a traditional relationship they would be your opposite gender. If you are the third born girl with two older brothers, a first or second born boy that had a third born sister would be your perfect match.

Why does this work?  It works because you understand both the birth orders and genders of these two boys.  The relationship won’t start out with the same intensity as if you met someone with your same birth order. This type will feel as comfortable as a well broken in shoe.  This relationship only gets better with time.  I have yet to see this type of match end in failure.  So check out your perfect match using birth order and Happy Valentines day.


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