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Celebrities & Social Media-Why Are They Exposing Themselves?

The number of celebrities sharing intimate details and pictures of their lives continues to be on the rise.

Whether it is concerning their recent break-up, having a new baby, how much they miss their lover, or a secret crush; it is all there for the world to see. This has lead many to ask why and others complaining they are revealing much more than they should.

A new type of star

This new celebrity construct is happening for three very good reasons. The first is self-defense, the second is relationship based, and the third is about money. During the glory days of Hollywood a movie star was mysterious, untouchable, and idolized. Their private lives were respected and the public was left in the dark on the details.

Today, movie stars along with all types of celebrities are hounded by paparazzi, tortured by tabloids, and placed on an up and down roller coaster ride of idolization and condemnation. This has caused many, under the spotlight of fame, to take matters into their own hands.

What better way to remove the blow of public judgment than tweeting their side of the story or posting how they are feeling or what they are experiencing on their official website? It is a self-protective mechanism that works as it gives celebrities a voice to speak with and a tool to defend themselves.

Deeper relationships

The second reason celebrities are exposing, in some cases over exposing themselves, has to do with what they feel from their fans. Quite often, a performing artist or entertainer will “feed” off the adulation of their fans because it provides them with a sense of validation and love. In these cases, they are using social media outlets to connect and build a deeper relationship with the fans to keep getting filled up emotionally.

Getting in the spotlight

Finally, the entertainment business is just that, it is a business. A celebrity is only as hot as their last movie, TV show, or hit song. Even professional athletes are thrown into this category, for they only remain “stars” as long as they are winning or helping to win the game.

To be in this type of spotlight brings with it a great deal of pressure. Having the internet provides celebrities a way to stay front and center so to speak. After all, they are able to promote their movies, television shows, concert dates, perfumes, clothes, handbags, and an array of other products. When a celebrity tweets a hot bikini picture of themselves it is picked up by the media analyzed, commented on, and shared with the world…what better way to keep the business of being in the spotlight going?

This leads to the next question, which is “how much is too much?”

Typically, overexposure will lead the public to boredom and looking for the next “new” storyline. Some top celebrities seem immune to this but most do suffer when they are constantly in the headlines.  Whether sharing, defending, or promoting all celebrities must proceed with caution. After all, keeping some sense of mystery is not just for men and women in romantic relationships!