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Hollywood: Making Pregnancy Beautiful!

The biggest trend in Hollywood right now is a baby bump!

bree maresca kramer, annie jennings pr, jenningswireTinsel town is certainly not famous for making women feel beautiful just the way they are. However, pregnant starlets have single handily shifted the perception around beauty and pregnancy.

What lead the way for this amazing shift?

It began with the August 1991 Vanity Fair  cover of a nude seven month pregnant Demi Moore. This famous photograph, that sparked incredible controversy, was shot by Annie Leibovitz. The cover met with heated discussions across every media outlet. The opinions ranged from sexual objectification to a symbol of empowerment.

Celebrity women, today more than ever, have kept this bandwagon going by showing off their pregnancy bellies with great pride.

Gone are the days of hiding one’s pregnancy under “moo-moo” dresses.

These Hollywood mommas’-to-be are wearing formfitting silhouettes accentuating their growing baby belly whether they are around town or on the red carpet.

The significance of this trend trickles down to every woman as it helps to shift the concept of beauty from an impossible standard to a more realistic and natural one. As the number of proud pregnant celebrities grows so does this shift.

As wonderful as this movement is there is another much-needed step.

That is the post baby weight and the pressure put on these women to shed those pounds in record time and be bikini ready.

Even with personal nutritionist, chefs, and trainers these women are struggling. For the every day woman, who does not have these luxuries, it is even harder to get back into pre-baby shape.

Jessica Simpson, whether she wanted it or not, has become the poster child for this issue.

The extremely harsh criticism she received while pregnant and the pressures put on her post pregnancy would have pushed anyone over the edge. However, this new young and courageous mom has held her own. She has stood up for her right to lose the weight in her time frame and still feel good about herself.

The next time you see a picture of a famous mom smiling ear-to-ear while rubbing her baby belly, remember the positive impact that is making on the public’s consciousness…and then say a “Thank-You” for all of us women!