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Why The Insatiable Hunger For Celebrity Gossip!

Gossip as a commodity.

The celebrity gossip industry totals more than $3 billion per year, according to The New York Times*. Considering all of the serious issues existing in our world, why is there a seemingly bottomless appetite for the latest and most sensational news on Hollywood’s players?

Celebrities represent a fantasy of “having it all” — the fame, money, lavish lifestyles, and grand opportunities. Their lives seem to hold everything ours do not.

So what happens?

Well, it is as if a sort of unwritten agreement occurs between the celebrities and those of us who do not live in the spotlight. They are put on a pedestal and afforded great privileges in exchange to be watched (sometimes stalked) so we can get an inside view and share in their “special” lives.

This dynamic creates a feeling of a personal connection to the celebrity.

This “connection” can even elicit positive feelings as we share in the great things occurring for them, such as winning an Oscar, finding a new love, or having a beautiful wedding and babies.

However, it seems that for many, just as much satisfaction is felt when the celebrity goes through difficult things like addictions, domestic violence, arrests, divorce, custody battles, and weight gain. In fact, this is the exact fuel that drives the celebrity gossip industry to know more about their pitfalls and hardships.

So why do some gain pleasure from celebrities pain?

In some respect, it is a way to feel better about our own lives. We can look at their misfortunes and say, “See my life isn’t that bad!”  It gives us a sense of renewed appreciation for what we do have, what do not have to deal with, and that their life is not that special after all.

However, is this right? To put celebrities up on the pedestal and feel gratification as we watch them fall?

Absolutely not!

Nevertheless, it does speak on the condition of the human psyche.

This type of behavior exists greatly because of the reining belief that the good fortune of others means there is less in the world for us.  In other words, if someone is doing very well then it must mean there is less of the pie available.

If this limiting belief system is consciously challenged, then the truth that when others flourish it is really an example of the possibility of our own thriving will prevail.

When another is successful in any endeavor they are actually a teacher exhibiting that our own achievements are possible!

We may not all be Hollywood stars but with a little shift in our perception, we can be an incredibly successful star in our own beautiful life!

* Source: The New York Times: Gossip

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