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Podcast: From Gloomy to ZESTY

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Citrus fruitLinda Babulic is a ZEST Expert and author of ZEST Your Life – A Taste of Inner Wisdom which offers the confidence and happiness building recipe that women everywhere have been waiting for. From one-on-one consults, to workshops, keynote speeches and books, Linda targets our growing need for connection and validation.

From Gloomy to ZESTY

  • What is ZEST? Where does it come from?
  • How do you know if you don’t have it?
  • What’s the first step to finding it?
  • How does ZEST for life fade?
  • If you’re feeling ZESTY, how do you sustain it?

Linda’s book is available on Amazon. Keep your ZEST alive, active, and healthy by joining the ZEST ZONE at website:www.ZESTyourLife.com

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