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Podcast: Persuasive Push vs. Shameless Shove: A New Parenting Paradigm

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Young Boy Concentrating On His SchoolworkSiah Fried is a health and nutrition professor at a local community college and author of two books, Tales from Swankville: The Town May Be Fictional But The Problem Is For Real and her latest, Persuasive Push vs. Shameless Shove: A New Parenting Paradigm.  In this podcast, Siah discusses the unhealthy amount of pressure put on students to overachieve in academics, music or athletics and how families can avoid these pitfalls.

Persuasive Push vs. Shameless Shove: A New Parenting Paradigm

  • In working with college students, what have you experienced as the problems that stem from “competitive parenting”?
  • Does this push to overachieve happen more frequently with suburban student athletes? Or is it everywhere?
  • Why are parents driven to have an overachieving kid?
  • In your latest book, Persuasive Push vs. Shameless Shove, you outline ten steps for parents to get it right. What’s the first step?
  • What is the most important thing for parents to remember?

You can find more information about Siah Fried and her work at www.creatinghealthyschools.biz.  Her first book Tales from Swankville is available on this site and on Amazon. Persuasive Push vs. Shameless Shove can be purchased at redefiningfamilypress.com.

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