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All Work And No Play…

All Work And No Play...Catherine is thrilled to join her new marketing team.

She was highly recruited and more than pleased with her signing bonus. Now she had to perform. While she ran on adrenaline for three weeks straight, in the middle of moving across state lines and changing doctors, she simply figured she would just “sleep later.”

Despite her high-end degrees and her high-end motivation, Catherine found herself burned out at this pace in three months flat. Her work suffered, her focus suffered and soon she made a multi million dollar mistake. What happened?

The brain, like any other muscle needs to relax. 

When the brain is over stimulated, by change, harassment, abuse or bullying, it remains on guard, tense and prone to mistakes. Some of the abuse at work happens at the hands of a boss or colleague who simply heaps on the pressure. However, many times an employee can be his or her own worse enemy, never taking a break.

In a recent news story “Are you a work martyr?” NBC reveals that 40% of Americans don’t take all of their vacation. People are afraid of lost productivity, missing critical information, or the organization afraid they are not needed. In truth, not relaxing put the brain in a difficult position, without recovery time. The overstimulation results in mistakes, agitated interactions with colleagues, and poor health.

While summer still has some sunny days left, keep in mind the following:

  • Mistakes are more prevalent with people who don’t take time off.
  • Relaxation is just as important to productivity, as focusing on the task
  • Stress contributes to health and wellness issues
  • Neglecting the family or significant other by being a workaholic only creates more stress
  • The job will be there when you get back

Given the strife of the recent recession, many are riveted to the job in fear that it will fade away. Nonetheless, those who take time off, relax, and enjoy their earned vacation time are more likely to be more productive upon return. All work and no play makes Jack a candidate for multi workplace errors.

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