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Podcast: How To Overcome The Perfectionist In You

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Concerned  Lady Chef Inspecting Vegetables with Magnifying GlassBob McIntosh is a #1 Amazon bestselling author of the book Get Out of Your Own Way, Break the Perfectionist Mindset and Unleash the Floodgates of Prosperity.  He is an entrepreneur with several successful ventures from real estate to business coaching and is a professional speaker who has taught over 3000 entrepreneurs about building more profitable businesses in the last 3 years.

How To Overcome The Perfectionist In You

  • What is the biggest thing holding new businesses back from being successful?
  • Why do business owners tend to have such a perfectionist mindset?
  • How can an entrepreneur beat the perfectionist mindset?
  • What’s the difference between excellence and perfection?

Bob McIntosh, author of Get Out of Your Own Way, available on Amazon.  You can also learn more about this concept or even enlist his help in growing your business at donebp.com.

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