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Are You a Star Quarterback on a Winning Team?

The position of your team members is a part of your plan that you need to carefully define.

American football player in red jersey and helmet holding ball aTeam roles are important to fulfill accurately so you have all the coverage you need for the abilities you desire. Each step of your action plan will need specific activities to perform and the right talent to take action. Do you have all your team’s positions filled so you can play your game well? Are there enough replacements in case you need them?  When you assign roles you’ll need to consider the people considered, their tasks and abilities.

Start with your own role. What position do you play on your team? Do you want to be a star quarterback or another player on a winning team? Either way is fine, just be clear about what your goal and role is going to be. Are there other roles you will perform?

What are all the roles you’ll need to carry out your plans? Make a list and then match these positions to the people you pick for your team. Envision the play from some of the actions on your list and decide if you have the appropriate people assigned to the correct situations. If you need to make changes reassign some members as you think works better. Then try it for real and see how you plan works.

For assigned roles to be effective you’ll need to evaluate their performance.

Are your expectations met for team members and the performed roles you assigned them? Add the necessary steps to your plan to capture your assessments, because this is helpful information that you need to build the winning team for your success. Make adjustments to your role assignments play by play, and like a quarterback master a cheat sheet that records your line-ups.

Roles are living things and need to be managed with care and imagination. Sometimes taking a risk on someone and trying something new can make a huge impact on your success. Creating a winning team requires resourcefulness as well as the skills to sweep the field. With great talent in the best position your team can help you reach success.

I added a large appendix to my book Ask Power Questions: A Practical Guide to Help You Get What You Want in Business, Life and Friendship. In it I pulled together a lot of questions and sorted them by specific fields, each one for a particular role. You might think about the kinds of questions you will need to ask each of your team members in order for them to perform their tasks.


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