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Podcast: Innovation Through Employee Generated Ideas

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DInnovation Through Employee Generated Ideasavid Frood is the author of “The Thinking Corporation” (2008) and “Steps to Becoming A Thinking Corporation” (2014). He is an authority on corporate innovation through implementing employee-generated ideas after studying this topic as a corporate consultant over the past 2 decades.

Innovation Through Employee Generated Ideas

  • In your book you refer to a corporation becoming A Thinking Corporation – what exactly is that?
  • Why would a corporation make these changes?
  • What are the benefits of becoming A Thinking Corporation to employees and society in general?
  • You also refer to the next-generation of corporate culture and behavior – how do you see this playing out?
  • What is key point that really sums up your work?

“Steps to Becoming A Thinking Corporation” is being released now and will be available in stores from mid-May. David also conducts workshops titled “Enabling Corporate Innovation”.

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