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Podcast: How to Beat Your Speeding Ticket & Avoid Getting One In The First Place

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radar gun“Radar” Roy Reyer is a retired Lieutenant from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, a certified traffic radar instructor and creator of RadarBusters.com. He is one of the leading experts in speeding ticket avoidance tactics, has been featured on the Speed Channel and in numerous automotive and motorcycle magazines. Author of How to Beat Your Speeding Ticket in Court and Win.

How to Beat Your Speeding Ticket & Avoid Getting One In The First Place

  • How much can a speeding ticket cost you?
  • What are some basic speeding ticket avoidance tactics?
  • Where are drivers making their biggest mistakes?
  • What is a “rabbit” and why is it your best friend on the road?
  • If you do get a speeding ticket, what is the key to getting out of it?

To find out more information on Radar Roy Reyer, his products and services, please visit www.RadarBusters.com

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