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Podcast: A Clinical Theory of Everything

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Dr. Glen Swartwout is a doctor who uses both the ordinary elements of Nature, as well as your Supernatural essence to elicit your profound healing capacities in your human bio-body suit. Dr. Glen just produced a video series to introduce his Clinical Theory of Everything, and is author of the new book, Anima Medica.

A Clinical Theory of Everything

  • What are the biggest pitfalls you see in the current health care model?
  • What is your roadmap to health?
  • What do you see that’s missing from our current view of the body?
  • How can we get apply your theory to get more in touch with our Quintessential nature?
  • What’s a practical tip based on your theories?

Preview the DVD series: A Clinical Theory of Everything and Dr. Glen’s two new books: Anima Medica and Dry Eye Relief, at www.tryUNITY.net

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