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A Sheet Of Paper

It’s difficult to comprehend the power of a sheet of paper.

It could transform your life.

It could bind you. Liberate you. Excite you. Disappoint you.

Thrill you. Shame you. Reward you. Reprimand you.

When you think about it, every important moment is reduced to a sheet of paper.

Take a moment to notice all the other papers that punctuate your life.

Your birth certificate, driver’s license, high school diploma, college degree(s), social security card, bank statements, tax returns, mortgage payment, property deeds, organization membership cards, insurance papers, medical appointments, pharmaceutical prescriptions…etc.

Eventually, and sadly, even your death certificate.

Have you realized how many papers you’ve accumulated?

Have you considered how they reflect your life? Have you ever looked at them in totality and realized what they all mean? These are your landmarks, your guideposts and your life map highlighting where you’ve been and possibly where you’re headed.

If you mentally reviewed your sheets of paper, what would you discover? Did you receive the ones you expected? Did you get the job you wanted, the spouse you hoped for, the title you worked toward or the business deals you sought? Or, did you free yourself from unpleasant relationships or draining jobs?

When you collect all your sheets of paper, what do they say about you?

Were you goal-oriented, people-focused, charity-motivated, party-obsessed, knowledge-driven or hobby-minded? Did you do what you loved or what you had to? Did you achieve your career aim? Did you discover your unique purpose? Did you reach your personal destination? If not, what can you do right now to refocus your energies?

What document would signify you accomplished it?

It all comes down to a sheet of paper. You won. You lost. You applied. You accepted. You invited. You thanked. Your entire life is a trail of moments. Big, small, challenging, rewarding, unexpected, anticipated. Each one described and depicted on paper.

If you only had one more statement, announcement, communiqué, certificate or letter left, what would it say? What accomplishment would it represent? What milestone would it mark?

Take some time to deliberate. Then, make your next document an important part of your life’s work. Make it a showpiece celebrating your unique contribution. Make it a tribute to your gifts. Most of all, 

Make it count.

Margo Berman is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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