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What If An Alien Ate Your Brain?

Or what if an alien biochemically manipulated your brain, wiped your personality from your memory blueprint, and influenced you to act against your own best interests?

How would you know?

As a major Star Trek and Star Wars fan I have taught the lessons of scifi for decades – I truly ‘got’ the concepts of quantum physics when Yoda and Obi Wan explained the Force (and may it be with you always).  It was then that all my reading and attempts at comprehension of the science of how things work in the universe began to make sense.

One interesting story was about the very question I raised at the beginning of this article, what if your brain were chemically altered?

Here’s what happened on Star Trek:

When the officers and crews brains were altered and they had no idea who they were (because the computers were reprogrammed to give only names – no rank, serial number or history), they instinctively felt the need to create Persona’s for themselves.

At first they were disconcerted and lost, but very soon they started creating new stories about themselves, who they were, how they behaved, and how they interacted with each other. They provided themselves with assumed histories and ranks and personalities.

One character, with the rank of lieutenant, had been a rebel at one time. She had joined Star Fleet and although she had taken a new path, she persisted in her behavior set of being essentially an angry, inflexible and un-trusting individual. Although she was slowly changing, her central programs remained fairly fixed.

When given the opportunity to re-invent herself, and to be free of her past, she enjoyed herself greatly. She demonstrated a great sense of humor and assumed a relationship with another officer. She became assertive rather than aggressive, and was more accepting of others, more self-confident and personable.

So what if aliens biochemically changed your brain? Who would you choose to be when you needed to re-create yourself? How would you choose to show up in the world? What would you allow yourself to do and be? What fun would you allow yourself to enjoy?

What if you decide that you don’t need an alien to change your brain and create a new reality for you, because you already have the capacity within you to change your life, and you always have.

The science of Epigenetics demonstrates just how this is accomplished biochemically within your own body-mind. You can create a new you with your thoughts, whether you use a simple 6-step process like the One Command, or something more complicated. You have the power within to change your inner state, to change who you believe you are and how you choose to show up in the world.

So now, if you give yourself the opportunity – What will be your newly created you?

What will you choose? What thoughts and behaviors and dreams-fulfilled will you make paramount? What is your new story? Are you choosing to have more fun? Play of course is the core of how we learned as children – it is how we identify what is truly important in our lives.

There are innumerable stories of people changing their lives for the better. In one moment of choice, you can put yourself on a new path and enjoy a new way of being in the world. You can change your own mind and change your own life. Make new choices, make new decisions, and create a new you.

What is your choice?  Carpe diem!

Dr. Katie

Read more posts by Katie Garnett, Ph.D, Co-Director of The One Command Life. Katie is a blogger for JenningsWire.