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No Limits Living

I don’t know about you, but for me I can guarantee that 99% of all limits placed on my life have been placed on me, only by me!

The genetic pattern I came in with, for whatever reasons, tends to be both very amiable and very analytical.  The amiable side of me is the part that is innately thoughtful of other people, embracing service careers, and looking at people like Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama as my role models.

The analytical part seems dedicated to wanting to know everything about everything, and looking at Einstein as a role model for thinking.

Now here’s the problem, and here’s were the self-imposed limits came in.

1. My amiable side almost always put others needs above my own, regardless. I would avoid conflict at all costs.

2. My analytical side was always looking for ‘what was really going on’ in a situation or a relationship, often creating scenarios in my mind that had absolutely no resonance for the other person. I just would see everything from my own perspective.

So how did I get to switch to an unlimited life?

I realized the truth that when you deny yourself, the capacity to give is actually diminished, and it is simply not a fulfilling way to live!

And, I found out by checking with other people that as smart as I think I am, and even intuitive, I really don’t truly read any mind but my own. So I do much more checking with other people to get their point of view as well.

These changes may seem self-evident – but I would like to posit these questions to you:

What do you think you know that you may have a limited perspective on?

Who do you think you are? Do other people see you as you think you are?

You have a DNA blueprint that includes many of the ways you think, perceive the world, take in information and react or respond:

There are 4 major DNA blueprint perspectives that most of us are born with – you may find yourself living in one or two of these behavior and thought perspectives primarily.

The amiable type: thoughtful, kind, supportive, and reticent to speak your mind (think of Leonard in The Big Bang).

The analytical type: intellectual, data-based, inquisitive and less social (think of Sheldon in The Big Bang).

The more expressive type: outgoing, talkative and creative (think of Wolowitz in The Big Bang).

The more direct or driver type: direct, straightforward and bottom-line thinking (think Sheldon’s mom in The Big Bang).

What do you want instead of what you have? How do you want to show up in the world differently for your benefit as well as the benefit of everyone you interact with?

It isn’t that difficult – get advice from a good friend, find a coach, find the path to your own No Limits Life by making new choices. The only true limitations are between your ears, so use that brilliant brain to create the life you want now.

All limitation thoughts are illusion. All possibility thoughts are true. ~ Alan Cohen

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