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The Way Om

The Bridge Between Spirituality and Business.

So many folks are out there trying to make more money, increase leads, make more money, follow the entreprenuerial path, make more money, and of course, make more money.

Here’s what I tell my clients, “Before you can do A business, you must do YOUR business.

What means this?

That every part of who you are is sunk into your business…not just the marketing practices, the lead generating plan, the networking, and the investment of time and money, BUT ALSO and especially your unique persona.

The parts of you that have the least bit of scarcity mentality or the ‘not enough’ syndrome or the desperatation clause will bubble to the surface when enacting any aspect of your day to day business. In the business world, all of this stuff falls under the category of “Mindset.”

And if you’ve had to unlearn and learn behavior to help you get over yourself so you can create the bigger picture for your business, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

How do I know this?

Because I’m an Astro-Intuitive Channel who’s utilized the spiritual world to help me create my physical world. The spiritual language is easy for me, always has been. I see dead people, basically. I have visions, I channel, and to quote an arbitrage client of mine (who once restructured the economical situation of Korea) “Elaine, you cut through it all to get the absolute core like a Samurai. I could use you during depositions!”

But do I see it all for myself? Ha. Ah, no. My fears were all around finances and the details of running a business. I’ve had to learn a language of business and finances that was as foreign to me as intuition and ‘seeing dead people’ might be to you.

You see, ALL limiting behavior stems from Fear.

And eventually, any behavior that stems from fear usually equals loss of business or loss of opportunity, and most assuredly, loss of money for any entreprenuer. Just like you, I’ve missed out on opportunities because of my fears.

My fears clouded my true business.

I refer to the ‘business’ that you came here to this Earth to enact, to embrace. Your true business is your contribution. It represents your joy, your passion.

Knowing what your true business is, is the bridge to being successful in the daily operations of making money, generating leads, speaking, writing, growing your influence, and on and on.

After knowing, then applying the joys of your true business, you’ll fly higher than you are now, you’ll amass your wealth and new opportunities, too.

I’ve been able to marry the man of my dreams, live in the town of my dreams, go to #1 on Amazon, set healthy boundaries with staff and family, and work the way I want to, the way an entrepreneur does…by creating and manifesting a business of choice—An Intentional Lifestyle.

I’m a real movie buff, and in the movie, “Cider House Rules,” one of my favorite lines (spoken by Delroy Lindo) is, “Ya’ even know what your business is? Do ya’? C’mon now, what is your business?”

In today’s entreprenuerial world, the questions that Delroy asks equate to: “What’s your USP?” (Unique selling proposition.) And your USP is, I MEAN IS your business. What you’ll find is that how you define yourself is your Spiritual Motto. That Spiritual Motto creates the foundation of that bridge between two seemingly separate worlds: Spiritual and Business.

Here’s my USP:

My gift is to Empower, Enlighten, Educate & Entertain you with conscious attitudes so you can have Wealth, Health, Passion & Purpose….all in one lifetime.

THIS is my business. As I define these words for myself, in my own life and with the work that I do as an Astro-Intuitive Channel and Historical Fiction author, I better define who I am and apply the joy of my being to the ‘work’ I do in the world.

The bridge between spirituality and Business is truly your mission, your joy, your passion. When you know what your business is, the actual pieces to the mechanics of your ‘business’ fall into place like magic.

So…”C’mon now, what is your business?”