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The Purpose Of Life

I have my own purpose in life and it may not be the same as anyone else.

Each person has their own purpose, regardless of whether they know it or not.  What another’s purpose for living is not my concern, unless they ask for my help in trying to achieve it, in which case I will do my best to help. My purpose is to leave the world feeling content with myself and what I’ve done while here. It does not mean I have to accomplish any great feats. My purpose is to leave this world, no matter when that happens, with no regrets, no guilt and no shame for what I’ve done while living.

Many never give this topic much thought, while others contemplate it to no end.

If you are searching for a purpose, or the meaning of life, one of following entries may help you in your search:

  • To achieve one’s potential: This one is difficult because the potential of a human being is endless. One can always learn more or become better. A better option might be to achieve one’s goals in life, since these would constitute a definite objective to strive for.
  • To achieve physical perfection: This is vanity and not in keeping with the spirit of achieving something substantial.
  • To be able to devote one to what is loved most: In other words, doing what makes you happy.
  • To matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.
  • To leave the world a better place than you found it: This is not as difficult as it seems and can be accomplished by leaving behind children who become better than we were.
  • To strive for power and superiority: In life there will always be natural leaders, whose purpose will be to lead.

Here are goals and ideals which everyone should strive for:

  • To be pointed to as an example of what a human being should be
  • To be compassionate
  • To be creative and innovative
  • To be generous
  • To become the person you want to be
  • To challenge oppression
  • To chase and more importantly, to live ones dreams
  • To continually improve
  • To continue the bloodline
  • To contribute to the well-being and spirit of others
  • To create a reason to live
  • To create equality
  • To distribute wealth
  • To do good, to do the right thing
  • To do your best to leave every situation better than you found it
  • To ease or reduce the suffering of others
  • To face your fears and accept the lessons life offers you
  • To find happiness
  • To define and follow your destiny
  • To give more than you take
  • To know and master the world
  • To know and master nature
  • To live a long and fruitful life
  • To love, to feel, to enjoy the act of living
  • To resolve the imbalance of the mind by understanding the nature of reality
  • To seek beauty in all its forms
  • To seek wisdom and knowledge and learn as many things as possible in life
  • To take every chance to help others while on your journey
  • To treasure every enjoyable sensation one has

In the end, those who continue to search for the meaning of life will never come alive.

They are so busy searching they miss all the great things life has to offer.

Ultimately, a person should not ask what the meaning of life is, but rather must recognize who is asking. Each person can only answer for his or her own sake.

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