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The Missing Link

A long time ago, in a galaxy that surrounds us…I found a new way of being that is reforming my life.

Now, I don’t know about you, but in my life, many of my ‘overnight successes’ have been a long time coming.

Our new science demonstrates beyond question, that our thoughts can change our biochemistry and our biology (including our very DNA) in an instant. So that is very good news as long as we are thinking about what we want, rather than thinking about what we don’t want. Because the corollary is, that we if are thinking about what we don’t want, we are creating that too.

Focus on what you want.

Now, there is another aspect of all this changing our life experience and focusing on what we want instead of what we have, and that is, when you think about what you want, and you are in the theta brainwave – then you create it.

So, your question may then be – How come I say these great things and then nothing happens, or worse yet, I make the change and then slowly slip back to my old self-doubts and failure to exercise and all those limiting behaviors.

We know that thoughts that fire together wire together.

Therefore, if you make a conscious effort and go to the theta brainwave and say what you want and change your DNA and all those great things, and then, you spend the rest of your days, weeks, years thinking about, verbalizing and acting ‘as if’ the opposite were true – your are firing and wiring all the old stuff and replacing the new with the old.

The missing link is the willingness to be consistent and coherent. Be willing to monitor your thoughts and words and actions. Here is a question to think about:

After you have meditated, or Commanded or prayed on what you want instead – do you then say…?

I am such an idiot

I will never be able to loose this weight

I know my boss doesn’t like me

I can never please my spouse

I am such a loser!

I’d love to quit this job and open my own business, but everyone knows you can’t do that in a difficult economy

I am over 70 – it’s all over for me now

You can add your own thoughts and negative mantras here – and then burn them!

The missing link is a gift you give yourself in order to create the life you keep telling yourself you want. Here’s how it works –

Say nice, decent things to and about yourself – such as –

I am one smart cookie

I am strong, healthy and attractive

My boss appreciates me

I love my spouse and am loved in return

I am a winner in my life

I am so excited about opening my own business (art, science, cars, cleaning, etc)

I am 70 years young! I am just beginning…

Stay consistent and coherent in you body/mind and spirit – be kind to yourself and you will find that you have created the life experience that you desire. It turns out that You, are the Missing Link!

Here is a great thought to leave you with:

If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

And when I am for myself, what am ‘I’?

And if not now, when?   ~ Hillel

Happy Birthday 2012 – Dr. Katie

Katie Garnett is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.