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STEPS – “P” and “S”

What’s next?

In the two previous articles, I talked about the first three letters and what they represent in my S.T.E.P.S. formula of overcoming adversity.  In this blog post, I’ll take a look at the last two letters, “P” and “S”, and what they symbolize.

The “P” in S.T.E.P.S represents persevere with fortitude and determination.

Ok, let’s break this down.  Persevere.  Be steadfast.  Stay the course.  Fortitude is strength; strength when burnout is not an option.  Strength when it seems like we don’t have anymore.  The good news is all of us some degree of fortitude.  And lastly is determination.  Determination is the desire and end result of getting where you want to be.  Determination gets us from point A to point B and helps us use fortitude and perseverance as a vehicle.

Lastly, the “S” stands for specifically ask for help, if needed.

Have you ever had a manageable workload?  Have you ever gotten lost while driving or been looking for an item at a large grocery store with no luck?  I know that I have.  Instead of getting flustered or frustrated, I ask for help.  Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength.  Knowing when to receive help is just as important as asking for it.  However, if you don’t receive help, there may be a good reason.

If you ask for help from your boss and he/she says no, it may be to grow you in your job duties.  If you are a teen and you ask your parents for money and they tell you no, there may be a reason behind it that is geared toward helping you grow as a young person, such as getting a job to have your own spending money or teaching you how to manage what money you have.

Though each one of us has different adversity and difficult issues that come into our lives, we can move through them and overcome.  By applying my S.T.E.P.S. formula, overcoming adversity may have its challenges, but now you are equipped to tackle them head on.  If I can overcome losing everything mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially as a result of a car crash in putting into practice this formula, you can too!


Darcy Keith is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire