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Are You Showing the World Your Best Image?

Are You Showing the World Your Best Image?Your distinctive presentation is more important now than ever.

Your first impression tells people a lot about you. Are you making the most of yours? It’s no longer acceptable for the artsy person to rely on implying that they are creative by being oddly out of step in words, dress or attitude. That just makes them odd. Is being the outlier your best personal identifier?

World globalization has actually made a culture, where it is more important than ever, that you clearly identify your individual characteristics. Your individuation gives strength through diversity to the global community. If you don’t accurately describe yourself, you leave yourself in the mercy of the rest of us to do so. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to uniquely stand out?

What is the image that communicates how you do your best creating?

What type of clothing do you wear and why? How does that style tell others about what you create? A painter may not care if their shirt is fashionable or has paint splatters and a poet might want to wear soft flowing fabrics. While you come in body the way you are, are there clues that tell a part of your creative story? A dancer holds a specific posture, and so might a writer. A singer masters breathe, while a musician walks in rhythm. How can you enhance your body expressions to reveal more about your talents?

How do you speak about what you do when you’re creating? Are your words actively descriptive or esoteric and spiritual in nature? Do you pay attention to your audience to see if they’re listening or do you prefer not to know?

Don’t stop talking at the point where your image implies you might create, let your words specifically tell how. You could say, “I love to make things that put a smile on people’s faces.” Or “I really enjoy dancing because I just love the feeling of my body in motion, and how that movement communicates my feelings.”

The most important part of sharing your overall image is to be honest about what you want people to know.

It’s important to think about your changing reflection, because your appearance needs to reflect the changes you’re creating. When you show your best image the world will not only know who you are, but how to engage your finest creating.

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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