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You might associate this title “Taking Flight” to taking a trip to some desired destination; a vacation or a flight related to work responsibilities.

But no, Taking Flight is actually a book written by Merrick Rosenberg and Daniel Silvert. Merrick and Daniel coached and trained over 20,000 people in small and large corporations. Among them Fortune 500 organizations such as Bank of America, Blue Cross and AT@T.

Drawing on their vast experience the authors introduce DISC to readers through this book; master the DISC styles to transform your career, your relationship….your life explaining the four styles to elevate understanding for who we are and how we are and ultimately shift our lives from stressful to manageable and successful.

The beauty of this book that it is associating the main character types to four types of birds and the style they express and show their behavior patterns, their shape and color.

The Eagle-Dominant bird and controlling

The Parrot-Interactive and social

The Dove-Loving and supportive

The Owl- Conscientious and determined

How cool is that? Imagine looking at the four birds, their built, size and color.

Some of us may have the character of one bird, while others could be two or even three birds.

Seldom will we find people who can juggle and master four characters and exercise them skillfully.

When we understand this simple concept; and learn in the process to acknowledge and feel our identity, our blueprint, we become more flexible, friendlier to be around with and attracting people and good things in life. As a direct result we manage our challenges and overcome them by pro-acting; taking steps, one at a time.

I truly believe that it’s much more pleasant to the ear to hear a comment from a loved one after having dinner out with friends: ‘you were such a parrot today” I could hardly say anything. You took the entire stage; then being told that you talked non stop and I wish you gave me a chance to speak to.

Or, why am I such an eagle today?

I have to shift my attitude towards my employee’s or children.

We are sensitive and yes, we are vulnerable and as they say; “it’s not what you say, but how you say it makes the difference”.

Indeed we need to be careful where we take our flights to? Who joins us?  How we perceive and enjoy our trip and most importantly what is the main source to our travels through the journey of life. We must filter our words and do a complete “speech check” before we dish out words, we regret later on; we cannot take them back, like the wrong size blouse you just purchased at Nordstrom.

Taking flight is a pleasant and kind reminder of “time out” we need to take and marinate our thoughts, actions and our words.

We live in a fast paced society but we still have 1,440 minutes in the day.

So, where is your next flight? Whether you are an eagle, parrot, dove or owl, or a combination of two or more, the secret is to learn how to conduct your flight and shift and switch hats when needed to suit the event or the situation.

Being loving and supportive is deeply important but nevertheless if you aim to be successful and happy in life, sometimes you need to acquire the eagle’s confidence, the parrot’s interactive role, and don’t forget the owl’s intensity. The choice is yours and the result will stand out loud and clear.

When we master and balance our behavior; we get the respect of others; we are happy, we are liberated and we can fly as high as we wish for. Regardless the journey is in color.

Ana Weber is a blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.