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Podcast: Reframe Your Life

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Podcast: Reframe Your LifeDr. Jada Jackson is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and President of Total Life Counseling Center – Dallas; and author of Reframe Your Life – A Lifestyle Guide for Complete Success. Dr. Jada is also a therapist for the National Basketball Players’ Association/National Basketball Association’s Health Education Program.

Reframe Your Life

  • What does it mean to Reframe?
  • Why is Reframing important?
  • What are the lifestyle benefits of learning the skill-set of reframing?
  • How does reframing affect our confidence and self-esteem?
  • How does one’s ability to reframe affect leadership skills?

Developing a strong skill-set of reframing will add significant value to your relationships, professional development and overall quality of life. Dr. Jada Jackson developed a 7-step treatment program to assist her clients to live a happier and more fulfilled life. She incorporates the 7-step reframe process into her new book: Reframe Your Life – A Lifestyle Guide for Complete Success. Dr. Jada’s book is scheduled for release June 2016. If you would like more information about Jada and the reframe process, visit www.jadajackson.com

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