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Making Choices the Easy Way or the Hard Way

I grew up in suburbs of New York City. Snow was normal in wintertime – lots of big snowfalls.

Back view of businesswoman standing on crossroads and making choYou know, the kind where you go sledding on the nearby golf course because of the great hills there, nice smooth hills. We even had snow days added into the school calendar because when the snow covered your car nobody was going anywhere until the plows came through.

In New York City millions of people park their cars on the street. You don’t always get to park in front of your home. Sometimes you park many blocks away from your building.

On a clear day you likely note the street where you parked but maybe not the exact space on the street because you can see your car when you return to drive it. What happens when a blizzard hits and covers all the cars completely? You can’t see your car.

You have to make a choice about which car to clean off and if you didn’t pay strict attention to which spot you parked in or if you had a car that was very small and was completely covered by snow, as happened this past weekend, how do you choose which car to clean off?

Life is like that, you know? Every day you make choices.

Everything is a choice. Some choices are more difficult to make than others. How do you know which choice to make when you’re faced with needing to decide between two possibilities?

Do you use particular criteria? Do you make a pros and cons list for each choice? Do you ask other people what they do in this situation? Do you go back through your files in your mind looking for evidence that you made a similar choice in the past? And if you find such evidence do you choose to make that similar choice now or do you look for new possibilities?

You are where you are in life in this moment because of choices you made in the past. Do you like how your world looks right now? Did you think that by now, at this point of your life, your world would look different than it actually does? Did you have dreams once upon a time that haven’t manifested? Looking back on important decisions in your life, did you make the best choices for you?

Making choices is easy peasy when you know how.  The main point to remember is – Don’t Think. Thinking always gets you in trouble when asking your ego mind to create what is in your highest and best interest on your journey through life. In the silence you will tune into the wisdom all around you that is now creating synchronistic moments that reveal the pathway to your best move.


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