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Do You Love Doing It? Are You Good at It?

Do You Love Doing It? Are You Good at It?To be good at doing something, you must be fully entwined in the actions that produce your finished creation.

You need proficiency and resonance.

To be in love with something takes an enormous amount of energy on all levels of your being. Ask yourself, “Where is my heart is in this moment of my project?” Are you still in the throes its passion or are you pulled into the arms of another idea’s spark?

Most of your time, It’s not possible to put all your energy into everything you love to do. If they are to be appreciated by others, project completion is a requirement of most creative endeavors. So, you the creator, have the dilemma of choosing the ideas that garner your full attention. Which of your ideas sparkles so brilliantly that you cannot resist creating them?  How many will you choose? The deceptive answer is to pick one.

But that’s the wrong question to work with. Instead decide which of your skills, passions, or desires most resonates with you, right now? Take time to discern carefully, because if you aren’t full of enthusiasm now, you likely won’t be capable to feed enough energy through your idea to complete it.  You need the resonance of love for the creations you choose to put your efforts toward, to reach your accomplishment. Your act of creating, breathes your life into something new. Do you love what you’re creating?

Can you manifest your imagination? Will your ideas stand like concrete?

To generate this way, you’ll also need a degree of proficiency for the skills that you need to create your idea. Most artists I know make much of their art using the skills they are good at, and then add in new techniques to try for the rest. They continually grow into their creative abilities.  Even if you have a small level of experience, start creating! Your mastership of the skills needed will develop along the way, for what you’re planning to accomplish.

Both proficiency and resonance have a relationship to your success. They work well in tandem. You have to be in love with what you’re doing, so that you can continue to learn, developing your abilities. The act of your creating is the harmonious dance between your love and skill. Ask yourself, “Am I in love with what I want to create?”

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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