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Pacing Your Playtime Offers Creative Payback

Learning to pace how we play is as important as making the time to play.

Are life’s challenges something we must solve quickly, or can we unite with our playful spirit and find creative paybacks?

While some creative projects are driven by deadlines, others might not need to be rushed, and the opportunity to enjoy the richness of playing with your creative abilities is a gift worth opening.

Three paybacks of pacing play:

  • The pleasure of enjoying creative work
  • Feeling the rush of exploration
  • Ample time to visualize the completed project

I almost bought a new clock today.

It would’ve been easy to pick out one from the store shelf; but I didn’t because it wasn’t time yet. I’m having fun decorating a guest room and the hunt for the clock is a part of my game of play.

Play comes in a variety of styles and each kind has its own time frame. A baseball game is timed with innings, while assembling a puzzle goes to the last piece. I planned my decorating to last through a season or two, because there are lots of places I want to hunt and explore looking for the right timepiece.

With a garden theme in mind, I had the room painted, bought a new bed and found a headboard at a rummage sale. The wood floor got a new polish and the garden outside the window was trimmed. I’ve repurposed other items to appoint the room. So far it’s been a fantastic and fun adventure.

It would be easy to go out and buy everything to put together a nice guestroom, but then, how would I enjoy the opportunity to play?

Not rushing my decorating feels good. It’s nice to relax and take time to explore ways to express my creativity. I’ve begun to dream about the guests who will visit and the fun we’ll share. You see, I’m building a space to create memories, and as I play with this prospect, the future will turn my project into a perpetual creation. In a sense, I’m planting an indoor garden that will bloom with friends and family.

Rather than developing a timeline to complete all the tasks for my project, I decided to pace my time to play with it. This focus shift allowed me greater opportunities to have loads of fun while the work got done.

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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