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Has Your Image Faded?

Has Your Image Faded?I write and blog about all aspects and topics related to creativity.

Recent trend reports have placed the words creative and innovative on the undesirable list. It’s getting harder to make my points without using these words. But there is a bigger problem for many in my “creative” world. What do you personally do when the words that describe what you are, become off trend?

When something is no longer trendy, it has lost luster because it’s been over used and has become boring. You’re not boring, neither is what you do. It might be time for your branding to get new life. It’s not only necessary to regularly update your profile, it is fun and you’ll discover new areas about yourself and what you do.

You’ll need to find another way to communicate to be interesting. You have to use different words to tell people not only who you are, but also what you do. Use new communication styles that get people excited about you.

Clean up your written description by reworking your words into dynamic pictures of what you actually do. Include some action words about your story and who you reach out to in the way you serve your talent. You could say, “I write copy for newsletters.” Instead actively tell your story, “I write short stories about people doing inspiring things that help others manage their health.”

Speak your message with a positive upbeat attitude. If you’re withdrawn, shy or unenthusiastic your audience will be hesitant to engage, too. If you speak apologetically, “Well I’m sort of creative and sometimes write,” your listeners may wonder what you mean, and most likely won’t feel encouraged by you to ask. Simply putting a smile on your face when you speak, even on the phone, will make a huge difference in the way you communicate what you’re saying. Smiling, explain how you work, “When I’m creating I use words to invent a place, and then mentally invite different characteristics of people to come inside that imaginary place to see what happens.” Your attitude will always tell about you first, so pay it attention and make it work for you.

Don’t let the trend lists stop you from being creative or innovative.

Do find ways to tell people about your brand of creating, and innovating. Make it your quest to show the world how creating your best life is what matters most. Activate your self-descriptions by spicing them with the actions that tell your story, and you’ll find your image shining.

Are You Showing the World Your Best Image?
Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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