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Dressing For Success: First Step is to Love Yourself

She walks in like she holds the world in her hands.

E.K. Prescott, jenningswire, self loveShe is seen with all the right people, has more money than God, has the perfect children, and a DQ husband. The media loves her, we love her. Then one day we are dumbfounded to hear she committed suicide or is in rehab for drug abuse or alcoholism.

The above scenario happens more often than we care to admit. Success exudes from everywhere but from the most important place; inside. That is where true success resides….within yourself. Inside yourself is where everyone must start to dress for sustainable success. To dress for success you begin with loving yourself.

Inhibitors of Loving Self

Unfortunately, many of us have had troubled childhoods, or devastating marriages, or any number of dramatic events that have impaired our inner growth. These things we cannot control, but many times there are other things we can control like our dress. We look the part, sometimes act the part, but we don’t feel the part. We are not really happy.

Also in our society there are a lot of hidden no no’s. One of them is outwardly stating you love yourself; that means you are conceited and being labeled conceited is a disastrous land mine or just plain weird.

None of these mentioned are easy to over come and take intentional work. But maybe you are one of the lucky ones that have a good inner self…but do you love yourself? Life happens, and life can drag us down if we do not have a strong inner core. A lot happens to us that are out of our control like companies that down size and your next in line, you have allergies that are debilitating, or a loved one just passed tragically. All affect our well being. All affect our feeling of success.

How Do You Define Success

Well that is the $64,000.00 question. Each of us defines it differently. But there is one solid truth to the definition of true success: first love yourself. Our definition of success relates to how we dress for success; we will look into this in future blogs.

So What Can I Do?

Loving Oneself Exercise: I have used this myself on the road to success.

Buy a pack of index cards. On each card write one loving self statement. For example, I love myself, I deserve all my needs and wants, I am a loving mother, I am a loving daughter, I am love etc. Then read at least once everyday. The best time is either first thing in the morning or just before bed. The important point is that you say them out loud or read them silently every day. I have been asked how many loving statements to write. To start, I suggest 8 – 10 loving self statements. As we move forward in this blog series I will be suggesting other types of statements.

There are as number of exercises to help cultivate self love. If you have one that you are presently using or have used successfully, we would love for you to share. Also, we would appreciate hearing your thoughts about loving yourself as it relates to dressing for success.