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Podcast: Regroup Refocus Rebuild

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Today’s guest is Natalie Cabinda, author of Regroup.Refocus.Rebuild: Helping Families Navigate from Breakups to Breakthroughs, who has endured tough, life-altering challenges to find personal a professional success. Her book offers a 3-step structure that parents can immediately implement in their own lives to create positive new outcomes for themselves and their children. 

Regroup Refocus Rebuild

  • What motivated you to write Regroup.Refocus.Rebuild?
  • How does one regroup, refocus and rebuild especially after a divorce?
  • What are two important strategies?
  • How does one survive a divorce emotionally, financially, and socially?
  • What else can readers learn from your book?

You can invite Natalie Cabinda to speak at your event, learn more about the strategies from her book Regroup.Refocus.Rebuild: Helping Families Navigate from Breakups to Breakthroughs by visiting www.regrouprefocusrebuild.com. Also available on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016TDRJIC

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