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Letting Go Of Good To Receive Better

It seems as though the months are moving fast.

Or is it just me sitting here not doing anything while everyone and everything else in this world is continuing to move?  Look at it this way: Have you still not gotten what you want or where you want to be?

Since the new year began, have you kept up with what you said you wanted or was going to do?  Finding love, getting a better job, having children, moving, taking a vacation?

Stop and smell the roses for once in your life and things will become clearer.  Don’t take my word for it.  The problem in today’s society is that they think they have no time to do things when they actually do.

For starters, you must train your mind to know that you have time to slow down and do this.  But YOU have to be the one to want to train your mind. Stop being a in rush all the time.

Breathe. . .

When you do this, you can get things done, still have time to relax and enjoy what life has to offer you.  In my training for professional development, one rule of thumb was start with the smallest job first and work up to the biggest job.  Most people want to start with the biggest problem/issues and do the smaller ones later because they may feel like they know what they are up against.  What they don’t realize is starting with the bigger issue will stress you out, and you will never get through with that big issue.  People are afraid of change just like some people don’t like getting old.  I welcome the growth.

Back in the day, there was such a thing called out houses.  These “houses” were make shift bathrooms on the outside of  homes before running water, the water you would get from the outside in what is called a well.  This is where you dip and retrieve water from a possible spring near by.  Our out house was not too far from home in the pasture.  Don’t let us have to go in the middle of the night. . .

When the day came the family invested in a bathroom.  It was amazing to see running water in the faucet and water being flushed.  It was as if we had to “learn” how to use our own.  The out house was good but, the bathroom was better.  Yes, we had bathrooms in school but, for me to have our own was like being wealthy.  It belonged to us and we were meant to have it.

The same with telephones.  Do you even remember what it was like without a telephone?  Now you have phones that may be pocket size or phones you use to make a call and see someone’s face.  Technology is amazing.  Doctors used to make house calls; now you can call the doctor or help with a click of a button, information is sent through a transmitter to dispatch and help is on the way.  I used to have to pick up  the phone to get help.  I am now a proud owner of Life Alert.

You have lived life well but, what ever you really want, you have to let go of good to receive better; you just have to believe that you already have it.  What is your “better?’

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