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A Karmic Tie: The Story Of Carrie & Debbie

A Karmic Tie: The Story Of Carrie & DebbieRecently, I watched an HBO tribute documentary on the lives of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, called “Bright Lights”, published on January 3rd

Carrie Fisher died on December 27th, Debbie Reynolds passed a day later, on December 28th.

Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds had a challenging and sometimes difficult relationship during the years that Debbie’s first husband, Eddie Fisher, abandoned her for Elizabeth Taylor when Carrie and her brother were young, with the difficulties continuing during Carrie’s admitted drug use, bi-polar disease, tumultuous relationships, and failed marriages but towards the end the two women lived in a “compound” with houses next to each other, were in each other’s lives daily, and Debbie Reynolds – who continued to perform into her old age – relied completely on her daughter whose show business career, although not as stellar as her mother’s, also continued through the completion of filming of her role in the new Star Wars episodes.

The nature of a karmic tie is when two souls, fully entangled with each other over lifetimes of connection through blood or marriage, must incarnate together once more to play out their problems, differences, even enmity in order to reach the resolution of true love and deep heart connection.

The feature of a karmic tie is that, once chosen and in the incarnation, the tie cannot really be severed even if there is physical separation, and if it is not resolved in this lifetime it leaves threads that must be resolved in the next… or the next after that.  Karmic ties can even exist between enemies (think of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the hit show “Breaking Bad”).

There are other types of ties between souls. The soul tie occurs when two souls from the same soul group (“cluster”) incarnate and meet up with one another.  The outstanding feature with this type of tie is the sense of familiarity and close bond.  These individuals help each other, bring friendship, assist each other during difficult times, and usually feel instantly beloved by the other.  The soul tie may enter and stay in one’s life for relatively brief times when the need is important whereas the karmic tie often extends throughout the life.  I’ve met many soul ties during my life, have known them instantly, felt completely comfortable, and that feeling is mutual and recognized.

There is yet another type of soul tie called the soul agreement. This is like a contract that is undertaken before incarnation, and its chief feature is free choice during the lifetime.  The contract may exist in order to accomplish a task, help during an episode, bring people together, cause one to relocate or collaborate, or for any reason whatsoever, but because it implies free will, and because contracts can and often are broken, the other party can decide not to complete the arrangement, or may even take ill or die prematurely and thus sever the agreement.  Sometimes this accrues karma, sometimes it’s just the way things play out, no harm done.

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds illustrated the best that can be achieved within a karmic tie.

Deep connection, true love, overcoming the negatives, and an eternal bond.  And when they left earthly life within a day of each other, it was a tribute to the completion of the karmic task.  It was also a wonderful example to all of us as to the nature, the beauty, of the resolved karma between two souls.

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