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Attune To Your Heart, Mind And Body: Gift Of Appreciation

Attune To Your Heart, Mind And Body: Gift Of AppreciationWhile growing up, you faced many challenges.

You tackled schoolbooks that demanded your attention to gain knowledge. Your teachers busted your butt with homework assignments. Your parents piled on chores such as mowing the lawn, washing the car, taking out the trash, cleaning dishes and worst of all, picking up your room.

You quickly learned that life on this planet demanded you take care of things. You discovered “responsibilities.” You also discovered that some of the things expected of you—overwhelmed you, frustrated you and sometimes, you couldn’t handle them.

One of my dad’s greatest gifts to me during my teen years didn’t dawn on me until decades later. After I mowed the lawn, he walked out to the driveway where I rinsed down the mower.

“Thanks for doing such a good job on the grass today…it looks great,” he said. “I’ve been so busy I really appreciate your help.”

“Not a problem, dad,” I said, grinning.

While I would rather be riding BMX with my buddies, I never forgot my dad’s appreciation for mowing the lawn or painting the fence or doing the dishes. Members of any family must do their chores in order to enjoy a well-kept home, manicured yard or clean dishware.

If you look into any successful business, the number one aspect of a thriving enterprise remains its employees.

What makes them happy? More money? More status? More perks? Nope!

People thrive with regular appreciation.

They need it from their bosses, peers and families. Wives need it from husbands and vice versa. They need it from strangers. Everyone needs to be honored in what they do. They need to be appreciated for their efforts, no matter how small.

While waiting for the cashier to check off my groceries, I notice her necklace, hair or bracelet, “Gosh, that jade necklace looks marvelous on you…your earrings light up your face…your hair looks fabulous today…my, you possess a million dollar smile.”

When you notice someone performing a redundant job, such a compliment relaxes their heart and your heart. It soothes their mind and your mind. Being appreciated releases endorphins into their body, which in turn makes them feel good all over. At the same time, it does the same thing for you.

Appreciation also releases doubt in someone.

It confers a sense of trust and attunement to their body, mind and spirit.

When giving appreciation through compliments or even opening the door for someone, you raise the natural vibrations of your body, while, at the same time, increasing their frequencies.

When I look back on my dad’s and my mom’s appreciating my siblings and me, it made us feel better and it made us eager to work harder and more diligently at any task given to us.

As you go about your day, try these appreciationss in order to bring greater joy to someone within your realm:

  • Honor everyone as an original blessing.
  • Appreciate anyone who walks into the room.
  • Compliment someone for his or her creativity.
  • Thank someone for his or her kindness, or radiant smile.
  • Say, “Your energy inspires me.”
  • You dress with such sartorial splendor!

As the years pass, by spreading your special brand of elevated “frequencies” and “vibrational joy”—-you may find yourself loaded with family, friends and admirers. That means you passed your energy on to them and they responded by passing it on to everyone else.

In this evolving society where many stick their faces into a computer screen all day or cold smart phone for far too many hours into the evening, bring them back to “relational living” by sending them warm vibrations of human gratitude for their lives. You will feel good and they will feel grand with your appreciation.

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