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Why Adults Should Dress Up for Halloween

Why should kids have all the fun?

I used to dress up as a clown and accompany my children on their Halloween trick-or-treat trips. Instead of a bucket for candy, I carried a wine glass. Sometimes it was meager pickings in my conservative neighborhood, but just like my kids who knew who was giving away the largest candy bars, I anticipated who would slip me a taste of wine. This was the ultimate win-win situation.

The only downside of my action was that my children thought they would be scarred for life because “nobody else’s mom does that!” I considered it my duty and responsibility as a good parent to toughen up my kids so they could face the challenges that life would ultimately dump upon their innocent heads. And, please note, we were walking around and not driving and I was never impaired.

After a few hours of door-to-door begging, our Halloween excursions usually ended back at home as the little darling feverishly examined their loot.

“Oh, look, I got twenty little Snickers bars!”

“Wow! I have more M&Ms than you got!”

“Can you believe the Waltons gave out toothbrushes? Lame!”

“And the Gordons gave apples. I traded some to Petey for malted milk balls.”

Then I would join in the conversation with equal outrage.

“I can’t believe the Smiths only had boxed wine this year! Last year they gave out some good Cabernet!”

My children would roll their eyes, pack up their candy, and then help me at the front door as we greeted straggling trick-or-treaters. I noticed my son placing apples into our goody bowl and removing his favorite candy for himself. What a clever guy! I also greeted a few parents who held out their own empty wine glasses. As I poured them a sip of Cabernet, they nodded in approval, and we shared a special bond as parents and neighbors.

Life was good back then on Hickory Hill.

And yes, I indulged my children as they gobbled candy before bed, and they accepted their mother when she removed her clown nose to take a sip of wine. Twenty-five years later, we’re all healthy, productive members of society, and now I intend to accompany my grandchildren on their Halloween rounds – if their parents will allow it! After all these years, I still have a burning desire to wear a clown suit and go door-to-door with an empty wine glass. Really, there are worse problems to have!


By Elaine Ambrose, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.