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Conversations With The Tuesday Night Girls: Kicking The Habit

Okay, we all know it’s not cool and that it’s very, very bad for our health, so five or six of our Tuesday girls decided it was time to quit smoking.

Some of us had smoked for years, others only more recently, and yet others only when having cocktails.

Armed with a video series and workbooks, we sat in Janine’s family room.

The method suggested making a list of things to do that would distract from smoking, such as taking a bubble bath or a walk, or hanging out in places where smoking is prohibited.

A few weeks into the program Cara, a big believer in pampering, treated herself to a spa day.  After circling the parking lot for fifteen minutes, she was late for her appointment.

Her massage therapist was out ill, so she was scheduled with a less experienced therapist. She also had to skip the facial because of her tardiness, and the sauna was down for repairs.  This day was going well…

After her massage, she found her locker door was stuck.

It operated on an electronic lock, so there was a pull tab, but no actual handles were on it.  Panic began to set in when her cell phone started ringing inside her locker, disturbing the tranquility of the burning candles and table top fountain in the room.

In her rush to her massage, she had forgotten to turn her phone off.  Attendants filed into the room in response to the ringing phone, and watched Cara with incredulity as she did battle with the locker door.

Several people tried to get the door open, but in the end Tom the handyman was called to jimmy the possessed locker.

After about a half an hour, and upon one final attempt, the door opened.  Cara’s underthings fell out of the locker and landed squarely on Tom’s foot.

He bent down and picked them up, turned to Cara and said, “Ma’am?” while extending his hand.  That was the final straw.  It was one thing to touch her under garments, but “Did he just call her ‘ma’am’?”

Now feeling much older than her 50-some years, she checked her messages to see who had called and it was Janine:  “Cara,” she said,  “I’ve just had the worst day of my life.  Call me, I need a cigarette!”

It is said that it is harder to quit smoking than to kick a heroin addiction.  We’re believers…so five of us have decided to try it again, this time by sequestering ourselves in Michigan for a week in June.  We are determined, so I’ll let you know how that goes… .

See you next Tuesday!

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