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Maintaining Positivity In Your Life

Accentuate the positive

Hey purty! How do you stay focused on positive family values and lifestyle when the news around you is showing war, rumors of war and often times financial and family crisis? I’m going to share a few tips to help you accentuate the positive.

Stay focused

Often I choose not to look at the daily news until the late afternoon. Why? Because I believe in crafting my day with my most important need to’s and have to’s for my family and business.Then I focus out to my community and volunteering and how I can make a burst of happy happen for someone. That’s why  I look in the late afternoon at news headlines and try not to get distracted by ticking news feeds. Though today I couldn’t help being pulled aside into an online news story about the Phillipines and how the survivors are coping with the tsunamis effects.

Below that story was a photo of just how bad the flooding really is in New Orleans. My emotions ran rampant for a moment and I had to take a deep breath in-and remind myself on what I could do right now in that moment to impact in  positive way: here’s what I did, and what maybe you can do too to help yourself, your family and your community.

Take positive action

I took a deep breath and said a prayer of protection for the lives of those in Phillipines and New Orleans. Short and simple: ‘bless them, clean water, a hot meal and shelter to them-may their loved ones be close”.

You get what you give: I just gave a prayer of protection, time to sow some tangible goods: small cash donation from my mad money Paypal’d to relief efforts

Sticky note on laptop now reads: ‘extra hugs for son when he gets home from school’

That is short and simple, anyone can do it if they choose. Remember,it’s the tiny acorn that goes into the ground and grows into a mighty oak. So start on your own oak, right now!