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Life Is Special, Figure What’s Best About YOU!

Living your best life starts with knowing and believing what’s “best about you.”

Seeing the good in yourself can affect every area of your life and all of your relationships.  As you diligently try to sort through your good and bad traits, you will see a pattern starting to emerge.  With time, you will get closer to being the person you were meant to be.

Are you a peacemaker? You always try to make others happy and let them to decide all of the choices in front of the two of you. Suggestion to self:  take time and really listen to your needs and desires so you can actually make your own choices.  You will be happier.

Are you a nurturer? Your friends always come to you and discuss all of their personal problems because they know you will listen with lots of compassion. Suggestion to self: balance your time on yourself and those around you, if you don’t, you will burnout.

Are you a overachiever? You love to accomplish something at the end of your day and always feel most productive when you do so. Suggestion to self:  learn to enjoy the moments and relax more…you will feel better at the end of the day.

We are each like a big puzzle, but if we are serious about making the most of our life, we will finally “figure us out.”

Mary Ann Sheveland is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.