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Do You Ever Feel Like A Juggler?

Have you ever tried to juggle some balls in the air?

One thing you learn fairly quickly is that you have to keep one eye on the balls at all times.  Once the balls are in the air, you can never afford to look away.  The secret to good juggling is to get a rhythm going and keep it at a steady pace.  As you learn this, you will find that you do not drop so many bouncing balls.  It is very important to have focus and concentration as you juggle, and the secret to juggling is consistency.

Life is much like a juggling act.

There is so much we juggle everyday, like our families, our friends, our careers, taking care of all the relationships in life, volunteer work and of course all of the household duties which never end.  There seems to be so much that is dependent on us, that at times we drop a few balls and they bounce around everywhere.  Juggling balls is easy compared to our lives, this is far more complicated.  As the seasons come and go in our lives, we find that some balls of life require a lot more attention than others.

As time goes on we find we have to make hard decisions based on our personal lives, which balls we need to let lay on the ground and simply not pick up.  You can be sure that lives change, we need to re-evaluate what is important and to let go of things that no longer really help us.

When you drop a ball or two in life, it’s o.k.  Just pick up the other balls, prepare to juggle and toss them higher!

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