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Podcast: Being a Leader with Courage

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Being a Leader with CourageLee Eisenstaedt is the Founder and CEO of Value Drivers, LLC. Lee interviewed 30 CEOs for his second book, Being A Leader With Courage:  How To Succeed In Your C-level Position In 18 Months Or Less. He sought to understand the obstacles newly-appointed executives face that leads to 40-50% of them failing, quitting, or being pushed out during the first 18 months on the job. His book, which has just been published, offers proven, practical advice on how to avoid or minimize these obstacles.

 Being a Leader with Courage

  • What was your biggest “aha” moment you experienced as you researched your book?
  • In your book, you identify nine derailers of an executive’s career.  Which 3 or 4 were most often mentioned by the CEOs you interviewed?
  • Does your book only apply to CEOs and other C-Suite executives?
  • You also identified four characteristics of an effective Leader With Courage.  Can you briefly describe them?
  • I saw that you offered a self-assessment as part of the book.  Can you tell me more about it?

To learn about Being A Leader With Courage: How To Succeed In Your C-level Position In 18 Months Or Less, visit Lee’s website, www.LeadersWithCourage.com.  There, you’ll be able to take the free self-assessment, download the first chapter, and purchase a copy of the book.  You can also purchase it on Amazon.com.

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