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Change Your Age And Your Life

Feeling Young

Becoming as old as we feel isn’t a myth or an old wives tale; it’s backed by science.

How we feel and think about getting older influences how well we age and how we feel about us. It affects our health and our lives. The good news is that perception about us can be changed. How? It’s all in the attitude. Your attitude makes the difference in how you perceive yourself and how you speak to yourself- your inner dialogue.

Attitude is the Answer:

Your Attitude can make or break your day. Every moment, every day is a choice for each of us to make, no matter what’s going on in our lives. That’s the difficult part when we’re facing challenges or are in the midst of raging disappointment. The tendency then is to bemoan our fate, and even fill ourselves up with negative self-defeating self-talk and thinking. When that happens, it has a snowballing effect, and can enter into how we go about our day, our interactions with others and how we view ourselves.

How Old Do You Feel Inside?

Research has shown that how people feel inside can have a strong impact on their health, happiness and even their longevity. Self- expectations of your capabilities are also influenced by those thoughts and feelings you have. Do you believe you can be successful? Are you someone who walks about feeling old and worn out? Do you ponder how you’re never going to accomplish what you truly desire?

Choose optimism! It boosts how you feel; is very contagious and can remove the dark menacing clouds of doubt and worry. So how do we go about changing the doubts and the self-imposed restrictions we place on our health and our abilities?

Stay in the moment:

Forget about the long list of the past failures, defeats, disappointment or pain you may have experienced in the past. Let them go and forgive yourself and anyone else attached to them. They don’t have to overshadow your present. Don’t let them creep into your now thinking. It’s a waste of your energy and serves no purpose but to keep you stuck.

You are a change master:

Remind yourself that you have the power and the intention to affect what is happening to you in the present. You can change your thinking. You can positively affirm your situation, and set real goals to adhere to.

Visualize what you want and don’t just sit back and wait for it to happen. Take action to make it so. When you actively participate in your goals and desires, you energetically create the space, and movement for them to be realized.

The Choice is Yours:

You have a choice to let feelings and thoughts of rapid aging or poor self-worth undermine you and get in the way of all you do. That isn’t the choice of someone who recognizes that you are in charge. There may be other areas of your life that aren’t in your control. However your thoughts and feelings are yours and you can master them.

Rebound from setbacks and disappointments. Remind yourself they’re temporary and they do not dictate your entire life! Don’t let them have power over you. When you feel that you have more control over your destiny, you can heighten the pleasure you experience moment to moment and truly shift your day and your future to a more upbeat channel.

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