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Podcast: The Business Of Forgiveness

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Shawne Duperon is a six-time EMMY Award winning Media Coach who trains entrepreneurs, leadership executives and government agencies worldwide. She has appeared on major media such as USA Today, CBS’ The Early Show and CNN just to name a few.

Her video for Project: Forgive went viral and in this podcast, Shawne will be discussing the business of forgiveness and how you can forgive yourself for marketing mistakes.

The Business of Forgiveness

  • What relationship building skills are critical in social media?
  • Do people let their fear of failure stop them from taking risks?
  • How can they move beyond failure and forgive themselves quickly?
  • What is the biggest mistake you see people make in trying to build a business relationship?
  • How can you be part of the paradigm shift in creating influence in your industry?

To learn more about Shawne Duperon and Project Forgive, please visit her site ProjectForgive.com.

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