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Podcast: Presidential Leadership & The Bureaucratic State.

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Political Analyst & Professor, Dr. Frank M. Sorrentino, is the author of several books including his latest Presidential Leadership and The Bureaucratic State.

Dr. Sorrentino analyzes the various theories of presidential leadership and their effectiveness in our unique American political system.

He discusses separation of power, federalism, undisciplined and decentralized political parties, to the increasing expertise and discretional powers given the bureaucracy of the modern age.

Presidential Leadership & The Bureaucratic State

  • You say the Presidency is a paradox – what do you mean by that?
  • What is the modern bureaucratic state and how does it relate to the office of the President?
  • Are there examples of this complex relationship in history?
  • To what degree are Presidents accountable for the actions of various federal agencies?
  • What are your final thoughts after researching your new book?

To learn more about Dr. Frank Sorrentino and his book Presidential Leadership and The Bureaucratic State please visit DrFrankMSorrentino.com.

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