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Podcast: How To Work From Home & Keep Your Job

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The coronavirus has turned the work world on its head, forcing nearly everyone who can to work from home.  But there are definite downsides to working from home, so we need to find ways to make working from home WORK for us and the companies we work for.

Here to tell us how is Penny Daniels. Penny is a communications coach who trains executives to communicate more effectively in the workplace, which increasingly means their own living rooms!  In addition to meeting with clients all over the world, Penny has been working from home for nearly 20 years.

How To Work From Home & Keep Your Job

  • Why is it so important to talk about how to work from home AND keep your job right now?
  • What do you mean when you discuss strategic thinking?
  • What technology should you have at home?
  • Can you give some tips on organizing and leading virtual meetings?
  • Why should you always have your camera turned on?
  • How do you keep virtual meetings from being disorganized and ineffective?

If you want more information on how to work from home and keep your job, you can reach Penny Daniels at 3Dexeccomms.com that’s the 3D Executive Communications website. Penny is also on Linkedin or you can email Penny at pdaniels@3dcommunications.us.

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