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The Money Flow!

Money is a good servant, but a bad master!

Although money is not life, it is both a metaphor for life and a tool to organize your life. And like other tools in our lives, our relationship with money can help us or hurt us. Money flows in and out of our lives, and back in again, along with flows around relationships, career, life passions, and special moments. The Money Flow is a reminder we cannot escape. Money flows through and around you and becomes an integral part of your life—but one you can influence, or even control.

To put it another way—whether you have a lot or a little, you can take charge of your relationship with money. By understanding that money is affected by human interaction, you can interact with other people in ways that create so much positivity, money starts flowing to you.

We live the life we choose to live, sometimes by following cold calculations, other times by going with our deep emotions, and most times moving in between those two extremes.

Our decisions around money are also along this spectrum. For myself, my two lifelong goals have been to achieve happiness and to help others. Money can certainly make these two goals easier, but it is not required. I was happy even when I was desperately poor, because I was helping others. And I am still happy now that I am financially better-off, because I don’t let a desire for more and more money dictate my life. I strive to be a good person and a happy person, and the money I have is just another tool for this.

Ultimately, it is never about money—how much we have and how much we want. It is about the lives we touch in the process and how much we grow, acknowledge, admire, and appreciate in our lives—which, as a miraculous side effect, sends money flowing toward us. Contentment is not easy to achieve or maintain. Life will throw us a rope sometimes, as we struggle to stay above big ocean waves. Other times, we have to swim across the ocean and feel every moment of the journey—but that makes the victory of reaching the other side even sweeter.

Either way, the journey itself is the key.

You’ve heard, “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” Remember that it also works the other way: “Love what you do, and the money will follow.” I send my love to you, wishing you a happy journey. Life is precious, and its most delicate and nourishing component is love. Never stop adding a dash of love to your daily diet! You’ve got it!!!

Ana Weber is a blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.