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I Love Monday’s

A dash of love into your daily diet is a dash of happiness!!! QUOTE by Ana Weber

Monday has had a bad rap for quite some time. Have you ever wondered why it’s the least favorite day of the week?

Here are a few questions to ponder:

♥     Why do people resent Monday?

♥     Why do most people dread going to work on Monday?

♥     Why is production and work efficiency rated the lowest on Monday?

♥     Why do so many people have low energy and bad attitudes on Monday?

♥     Why do people choose not to close deals on Monday?

♥     Why do people avoid going out on first dates on Monday?

There is a single, powerful answer to all these questions. Monday marks the end of fun on the calendar.

Monday is the first day of the work week, which means responsibilities are back in full gear.

The weekend is traditionally filled with more relaxed and enjoyable activities, but Monday is a return to the real world and the accountability that goes along with it.

People simply have a hard time switching from their carefree weekend attitude to the weekday blues. It’s an emotional shift that feels a little like eating your vegetables.

I, on the contrary, have always loved Mondays. (I like vegetables, too, but that’s another story.)

What are your favorite vegetables?

Why so?

I have made a conscious choice to understand, appreciate, and welcome the very first work day of the week. I felt enthused about starting the week; it’s my chance to get ahead, accomplish things, and produce results. Monday introduces a fresh, new color into my world. It’s a new attitude—the freedom to choose to pursue my goals for the week at work and at home.

That simple shift in thinking has had a profound influence on my life.

Well, I thought to myself, if we skipped Monday, Tuesday would become the most unwelcome day of the week.

Regardless, people have a hard time breaking away from the weekend. The weekend was fun, free, a time to do anything they wanted to do. Monday is back to reality—papers piled up on your desk, chores at home, traffic, getting the kids to school on time, grocery shopping, preparing meals, taking kids to soccer practice and ballet lessons, cleaning the house, finishing a report for the boss . . . oh, if it was only Saturday again.

Stress replaces liberty.

Tasks replace time off.

Tedium replaces creativity.

That’s what most of us think.

Ana Weber is a blogger for JenningsWire.