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What Is Going On With All The Plane Crashes!!!

What Is Going On With All The Plane Crashes!!! Wow, what is going on with all the plane crashes???

As most of you know, I author each year a Chinese Prophecy book. In this year’s book, The Thunder Year of the Stallion, as I lined up the stars I wrote:

“Due to the Yang Wood nature influence of the Horse, this year we may see natural disasters caused by high winds. We may see more tornados, hurricanes, and wild Fire fueled by wind. Since the wind is of the sky, we may hear more rumblings coming from the sky—sonic booms, meteors, rockets, planes crashes, thunder storms, etc” (Page 21).

Excerpt from page 36

“This year on the world map, the #7 of Violence rests over Russia, Korea, and China and the #5 of Instability looms over the United States. We may see conflict arise between those regions this year. The #6 also is located over the lower United States and Washinton DC. This aspect could promote a posturing of power, as well, with other countries. We may also see an increase in the ‘power of the people’ this year, as people realize they do have some say within their life. The Latin American regions will also see an increase in authority and recognition this year. The European nations may also prosper with the Expansion #9 star in their favor this year. There may be an outbreak of stomach and respirtory illness in the lower Asian and Upper Australia regions.”

These predictions have come to pass.

When you can line up the flying stars feng shui with the animal influences you can easily read the patterns of the universe.

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