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Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Launching Your First Product

Launching your first product online is definitely a huge task.

After spending weeks or even months putting your talents into an awesome little package you are now ready to launch it to the world. You’ve invested more than your fair share of sleepless nights, got emotionally attached to your baby, and even spent some good amount of money and other resources to make it come to life.

After countless revisions, hopefully, you have created a marketing strategy that will get your “baby” in the loving, paying hands of your ideal people. But one of my biggest concerns is making sure that you’ve taken all the necessary precautions to avoid these mistakes at launch time:

Mistake #1 – Unsecured Product

Now, I’m talking about your product being secure from copy cats and other deviant’s trying to pass off your masterpiece as theirs.  Before you launch your product, make sure that it can’t be easily repackaged or changed. Make sure that it has a copyright and maybe even a registered trade mark.

If your product is a digital document, be sure that it is in PDF form and password protected so no one can convert your document into a Word doc and then rewrite the whole thing. If possible, design your product as a training video, audio teleseminar, and so original that no one will be able to copy your personality. Then, deliver everything via a membership site and create your own secure and active community. Because people don’t steal from people they love and respect.

Mistake #2 – Complicated Systems

Ever wanted to buy a new coaching program and during the third or fourth step of the checkout process you abandon the cart? I sure have. There are many reasons why many people may have a complicated system – most are because they are using many free systems to recreate one robust system.  Please for the love of your business invest in a system that makes it easy for you to get paid – hence, making it easy for people to pay.

Simple is best. Forget all the bells and whistles if you don’t even know how to use them. I mean don’t you just love it when you buy a product and you have to opt in three times and you receive seven download links? It’s confusing! And quite frankly, people get tired and frustrated with getting twenty thank you emails for the program that they already paid for.  Invest in a system that you can easily understand that has the essentials of a shopping cart and email marketing system.

Also, streamline your process as much as possible. While double opt-ins and automated emails are great, be sure to let your customer know what to expect in advance.

Mistake # 3 – Lack of Transparency

And always be as transparent as possible about your policies and procedures. Make sure all of your policies and procedures are up front and posted clearly on your website. This includes the price of anything, how you charge, what happens after a person buys from you and who you are. Include a refund policy. Let your potential customer know if they’ll be able to ask for a refund and how long they have to ask for one.  If refunds are not possible, be sure to let them know why.

While there are many mistakes that you can (and will make) during your launch, I find that these are the most commons ones. Address them in advance and you are sure to have a successful launch.

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