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Partnering For Profits – How To Identify Key People To Help You Launch

So, you are gearing up to finally launch and you are looking for ways to promote it.

Have you thought about pursuing some partnerships? Partnerships (also called Joint Ventures or JV’s) can be extremely helpful when you are launching a new program, service, or product.

In fact, quality partnerships can actually double your sales and increase your expert status.

The key here is finding those potentially profitable and influential people that you can partner up with.

Once you know who to approach it’s necessary that you begin to prepare your pitch. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can identify key people to help launch.

Look for leaders in your industry.

You know you are awesome, but who else in your industry has notability? Who are the movers, shakers, experts and networkers that are constantly being mentioned?

An endorsement from one of them can help generate more profits and sales than you can ever imagine. Look for these industry experts on popular blogs, online magazines, associations, teleseminars, social networks, and live events. Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask around. Maybe your friends know or have worked with someone that may be a likely partner.

Seek people who compliment you.

One way to establish a profitable partnership is to identify a person that compliments what you do. For example, if you are a health coach that helps busy women feel great from the inside out by eating quick and easy meals you might want to partner with a personal trainer who can give your clients tips on how to stay fit when they are short on time.

Ideally this person will also have a large list of subscribers and they are willing to promote your product to that list – usually for a commission, of course. And keep in mind that commissions for these types of partnerships are normally between 25-50 percent of the sale, so price it well.

Get networking.

Don’t know who to connect with? A good place to start is by opening up that rolodex of yours and or checking out your connections on the social networks. Start making some new connections and maybe even reconnect with past friends and colleagues. Get out there and start letting people know about you and what you do. You’d be surprised who will take notice and how they will be willing to help you out. Remember you’re looking for people who can:

  • Promote your to their clients and subscribers.
  • Provide an endorsement or testimonial that sells.

But, before you contact any potential partner, make sure you have a pitch ready to go. Your pitch will include:

  • What your program or service is and what it does.
  • How it will benefit potential clients.
  • A sample of your program or product.
  • How you plan to use their testimonial or endorsement.
  • How you are ready to compensate them.
  • How you’ll be marketing your program.
  • What your experience or background is – provide credibility.
  • How they can contact you.

People want to partner with success. It makes them look good and it helps them grow their business too. So be sure that you test your program or product before you launch and get results driven testimonials from clients.

Partnerships can be a critical element of your launch and are beneficial for both of you. Explore all potential partnerships and make sure your move when the time is right. And don’t get discouraged if they say no. Sometimes those “no’s” are really “not right now’s”. So be patient and get launching!

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