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Why I Might Date A Werewolf

In a recent blog, I explained why I wouldn’t date a vampire.

Since the new Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie is coming out, I thought I would let the werewolves out there know that I wouldn’t mind meeting them. I realize that mixed-race relationships can be tricky but I think my family would be fine with it.

There are some negatives. I’m a little concerned about the shedding. Fortunately, I’m already used to my cats shedding so that’s not a deal breaker. Also, I don’t know how the neighbors would feel about howling but since I don’t complain about their loud parties they should  overlook when my date bays at the moon.

I understand that I wouldn’t be able to see him for a day or two around the full moon.

He’d have to be locked in a room so he wouldn’t hurt anyone. Think about it though, during football season, how many men get locked in a room on Sunday and Monday night screaming and cursing while they watch their favorite team. At least when the werewolf was done changing, I wouldn’t have to hear about how his team would have won if it hadn’t been for the blind referees and the other team that was obviously cheating.

I realize that werewolves turn into monsters once a month. Let’s be fair, once a month I get a little crazy, I snap at the slightest things, and I can generally be difficult to deal with. If he can live with my PMS, I think I could live with his turning into a wolf.

So far I’ve been talking about traditional werewolves, I know that the werewolves in Stephenie Meyer’s books don’t change during the full moon – they can change any time they get agitated. In a way I’m used to that. When my ex-husband was upset, he transformed into something less attractive. A wolf doesn’t seem so bad.

On the plus side, werewolves seem very warm.

Since I tend to be one of those people that’s always chilly, that sounds great to me.

While a werewolf might not be an ideal guy for me, I’d be willing to give him a try. So when I get on match.com, eharmony.com or any of the other dating sites, I think I’ll indicate that I’m open to dating guys that are more than human. If nothing else, that will give me a wider pool of possible guys to meet and it will guarantee some interesting conversations when we do finally get together.


Laura C. Browne is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.